a blonder, younger Chris (April 2001)

Greetings to family, friends, and Googlers. I'm a writer/content producer—sometimes professional, more often by hobby. I work both on the Web and in print. This personal homepage is a quick overview of some projects I am, or have been, involved with.

To contact me, please direct email to moc.sorasp@sirhc. Or you can add me on these social whatsits (though I don't post on them much):


Chris Psaros personal blog

I gravitate toward a few topics in particular, including perception and cognition, belief, time management, writing, lifespan, spirituality, and fringe science (beware of woo).

Note: this is offline for the moment.

Chris and Alexis wedding site

I married my craftier half Alexis in 2014. This site is mainly here for friends and family, but it may be of general interest to anyone who would enjoy a story of stressful planning, shocking magic tricks, and surprise DeLoreans. I'm awfully proud, and very happy, with how our wedding turned out.

You might know me from:

DBZ Uncensored

1998-2001: The Dragon Ball Z anime was serious business in the 90s. In my late teens, I started working on an exhaustive list of changes to the sanitized U.S. adaptation, along with some overly-heartfelt commentary. The Web was young, and so was I. The site was an instant success, garnering millions of visits and a cover story for Anime Insider magazine. Ancient history now, but fondly remembered.


2006-2007: An exploration of Texas Holdem's less popular cousin, Omaha high-low split. Here you could find instructions, strategy, and even a little “poker philosophy.” Long gone from the Web (it will not be missed), but the site had its fans, and was good enough in its day to get an enthusiastic plug from the San Francisco Chronicle. They called it “slick.” I'll take it.

Donkey Blog

2011 to present: Remember those oddball classic gamers from the documentary The King of Kong? Well, I'm one of them, and the hobby led to my creating the first-ever blog about arcade-style competition. TheVerge.com called it “ESPN-like.” I even got a write-up in the Onion's AVClub. Can I convince you that sportswriting works for competitive Donkey Kong? Come and find out!

You probably won't know me from:

books I have been involved with

This is a smattering of books that I had a hand in, from my years working at a publishing company.

I edited, proofread, “punched up,” helped direct, or otherwise massaged all of these and many more. Not exactly New York Times bestsellers here, but I did at least ghostwrite a foreword for a bestselling author—Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup For The Soul fame. (A little industry secret: bigtime authors not only don't write their own books, they don't even write their own forewords for other people's books! Us working stiffs do that.) Canfield accused me of “channeling him,” so evidently I've got at least some talent.

I ghostwrote every last word of one of the books in that photo, but that's another secret...

Dean McNeely

A eulogy that I wrote for my grandfather Dean McNeely. I'd never written a eulogy before, but duty called. It ended up being one of my personal favorite pieces of my own writing.

Thanks for the opportunity, grandpa.

Behold: the first (and last?) Chris Psaros trading card!

Chris Psaros trading card

UCSC Banana Slugs

University of California, Santa Cruz
Class of 2001

Santa Cruz Shakespeare
I support Santa Cruz Shakespeare!

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